West Hill Golf Club


This is a collection of newspaper clippings describing matches played at West Hill in the 1930s

The Berkshire vs WHGC 1929

West Hill’s first match against the newly formed Berkshire Club was played on Saturday Oct 26th 1929 at the Berkshire GC. The result was a win for West Hill by 8 matches to 4.

WHGC vs Burhill 1929

West Hill defeated Burhilll at West Hill by 5 matches to 4 with Captain Willie Murray gaining the winning point in his singles match against P.C.Chase who he beat 4&3. The clipping is dated Oct 29th 1929 although that was probably not the date of the actual match.

WHGC vs Cambridge 1929

The clipping reports on West Hill’s victory over Cambridge University by 13 matches to four with one match halved. Henry Longhurst was in the Cambridge side. Clipping dated Nov 9th 1929.

WHGC vs Oxford 1930

West Hill won this match by 10 matches to 8. The morning foursomes were lost by 4 matches to 2 but in the singles, West Hill won 8 of the 12 matches.

Household Brigade GS vs West Hill 1930

The clipping reports on the match which was held at New Zealand and resulted in a draw. The report describes the upgrading of the New Zealand course to cope with the increased length of shot resulting from the introduction of the rubber core golf ball.

WHGC vs The Berkshire 1930

The clipping reports on the Berkshire’s victory at West Hill by 7 matches to 5 and is dated Feb 22nd 1930.

WHGC vs Old Cheltonians GS 1930

West Hill beat Old Cheltonians by 9 matches to 2 – halved matches were not always counted in the scores for matches. The report notes that Willie Murray played the 7th to 13th in level 3s!

Burhill vs WHGC 1930

West Hill beat Burhill by 9 matches to 2 – the clipping is dated April 5th 1930. Also shown here is a clipping of a match against Oxford and Cambridge won by 5½ to 2½.

WHGC vs Cambridge 1930

West Hill won this match by 14 to 4. The clipping is dated Nov 8th 1930. Henry Longhurst was once again in the Cambridge team and recorded one of their four wins beating J.B. Beck 1 up.

WHGC vs Household Brigade GS 1930

West Hill beat the Household Brigade Golfing Society by 10-2. The report notes that the Household Brigade team was weakened by impending departures to Egypt.

WHGC vs Oxford 1931

A narrow win for West Hill by 9 matches to 7. The Oxford side included E.M. Wellings, cricketer and cricket journalist for the Evening Standard and Wisden.

Household Brigade GS vs WHGC 1931

West Hill lost this match by 4-3. The match was played at New Zealand in snowy conditions requiring the players to use red golf balls.

WHGC vs Old Etonians 1931

A below strength West Hill side lost this match by 8 matches to 1.

WHGC vs The Nineteenth Club 1931

This foursomes match was halved.

Household Brigade Gs vs Stoke Poges 1931

This match took place at West Hill with the Prince of Wales playing for the Household Brigade. The final score was 8-4 to the Household Brigade.

WHGC vs Cambridge 1931

Another victory for West Hill over the students, this time by 12 matches to 6. The clipping is dated October 31st 1931. West Hill team included Willie Murray, J.B. Beck and Major C.O. Hazlett.

WHGC vs Oxford 1932

This match took place on January 30th 1932 and was halved with each side winning 8 matches.

Les Parisiens vs The Moles 1932

This match took place at West Hill and was won by the French team by 4-3.

WHGC vs Cambridge 1932

This clipping from the Daily Telegraph is dated October 17th 1932. The match was won by West Hill by 9½ to 8½.

Surrey Amateurs vs Pros 1932

Played at West Hill and won by the pros.

WHGC vs Oxford 1933

A win for West Hill by 9 matches to 7. The Oxford team included future English Amateur champion and Walker Cup player Gerald Micklem.

WHGC vs Cambridge 1933

According to this clipping, West Hill won this one by 10 matches to 6, although the results below seem to say it was 10-8. The clipping is dated October 14th 1933.

WHGC vs Oxford 1934

A remarkable match in which West Hill won all six foursomes matches but then lost 11 of the 12 singles with one halved.

Oxford vs The Army 1934

Oxford won this match by 7 to 5. One of the foursomes matches finished at the 12th the Oxford pair having played 44 shots to that point.

WHGC vs The Army 1934

The clipping reports on a match between West Hill and the Army Golf Society held on the weekend of April 7th & 8th 1934. West Hill were the winners by 12 matches to 3 with one match halved.

WHGC vs Stinchcombe Hill GC 1974

Here is a more recent match sheet, the inaugural West Hill v Stinchcombe Hill match in July 1974. Frank Denning was the first match manager and the founder of the match. Pete French played in this match for Stinchcombe and played both home and away matches in 2021. The match sheet has been retyped from the original.

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