West Hill Golf Club

The Club History 1909 -

The Land

The ground upon which the course was built formed part of the area of over 2000 acres around Woking acquired from Lord Onslow by the London Necropolis Company in 1854. By that time the shortage of burial grounds in London was becoming a serious problem and the “London Necropolis” was intended to become the city's only cemetery by providing enough land to contain all the metropolitan dead for an almost indefinite period.

The London Necropolis project never gained popular support and although many thousands of Londoners are buried in the cemetery, it was apparent by the turn of the century that the ground available was far in excess of foreseeable requirements.

An area of about 350 acres was enclosed and this constituted the Brookwood Cemetery and by 1907 the Necropolis Company had already released a great deal of its surplus land, notably that on which Woking golf course was established in 1893.

A senior executive of the Necropolis Company, J. B. Walker, himself a keen golfer, made it known that his company would be prepared to make the land available for golf and West Hill Golf Club was born. For many years Mr. Walker ensured that the London Necropolis Company remained a friendly landlord to the golf club and indeed he became Captain and subsequently President of the club.

The Course

Bernard Darwin was consulted initially but the designers were Jack White and Willie Park Junior, both of whom had won the Open Championship. A Club Professional and Scotsman, named Cuthburt Butchart, was also appointed to oversee the construction of the course and much of the credit for matters of detail must go to him. He left the club shortly after it opened for play in 1909.

At the end of the first World War some holes were lengthened and changes were made but since then the course has remained essentially the same.

The Founder – Mrs. Marguerite Lubbock

Born Marguerite Miles in 1868, she first played golf in 1885 at Pau in the south of France and was such an apt pupil that she soon become one of the best women golfers of her day read more... 

The Bedser Twins

The Bedser Twins, Eric and Alec were famous cricketing brothers who played and where members of West Hill read more ...

Anna Nordqvist

British Open Champion - Carnoustie 2021

British Open Amateur Champion - West Hill 2005

The Golf

The popular national Father and Son Open Tournament has been held annually at West Hill since the death of Major Lubbock's in 1931. His widow Marguerite presented the trophy they still play for in his memory.

West Hill hosted the prestigious Ladies British Open Amateur Championship in 2005 which saw current British Open Champion and Solheim Cup winner Anna Nordqvist (pictured) taking the title.

West Hill is also the home of the Mellin Salver played for by the over 50's from 16 public schools, the Cavaliers who celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2009.

The amateur course record of 63 was set in 2009 by Tom Richardson of Walton Heath in the Surrey Amateur. The professional record is held by Gary Brown who shot a 62 in the 1995 Glenmuir Club Pro Championship.


Course Status

West Hill: Course open.

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